Graph / Grid Paper (Video Tutorial)

To make graph paper

Choose a shade of grey. I don’t like black as it’s too ‘in your face’ when planning. I go for a lighter shade of grey that’s just enough that you can see it. You could also use a different color for the lines if you want to color code your planner without having to switch pens, and so you don’t have to pay a ton of money for colored paper.

You can choose whatever size you like. This is the size I like to use (and what I used in the video):

  • Template size was 0.64cm x 0.64cm (must be a square for it to work)
  • The lines were 0.04cm wide

Save the template with ‘template’ in the file name so you can find it again if, after printing, you decide you’d like a lighter or darker shade of grey or want to experiment with different colors.

Mentioned in the video:

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