How to make a monthly calendar in Google Sheets

Google Sheets is very similar to Microsoft Excel. If you don't want to purchase Microsoft Excel (or you have a Mac computer), try this sample tutorial. The tools are almost exactly the same as Microsoft Excel so you could use Google Sheets to do this course instead of Microsoft Excel if you wish.

Google Sheets can be accessed for free, online here:

To use Google Sheets, you will need to create a Google account.

Scroll below this video for more tips for using Google Sheets to make printables.

Download the Google Sheets template I made in the video by entering your email address on this page.

See this post from my blog for more info on making printables in Google Sheets

  • Tips
  • How to change colors
  • Finished calendar examples
  • Text & alignment and fonts

Some more helpful posts from my blog about making printables

Some of the ways you can use a monthly calendar:

  • Meal planning
  • Bills
  • School or college assignments and exam due dates
  • Most important task for each day
  • Cleaning routine
  • Work schedule
  • Kid's activities
  • Social media content planning

Printing your planner

You can either print directly from Google Sheets by going to File > Print

Or you can download the template to PDF by going to File > Download > PDF document

For printing tips, see these posts:

Using the planner you’ve made in Google Sheets

Since Google Sheets is a free online tool, you can access it from multiple devices – your computer, iPad, tablet, phone etc. Any changes you make will be saved when you move between devices. So if you make a change on your iPad, you’ll see that change when you open that same file on your computer.

Download the template made in this tutorial

Download the Google Sheets template I made in the video by entering your email address on this page.

The easiest way for me to share this template is for me to export the Google Sheets template as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You can import it into Google Sheets by clicking the plus sign from the Google Sheets home screen which will open up a new blank Google Sheets file.

Go to File > Import

Locate the file from the downloads folder of your computer

Then choose 'create new spreadsheet'

Now you can use the spreadsheet in your own Google Sheets account.

Pros of Google Sheets

  • Free
  • Online tool you can access from anywhere, you just need a Google account (if you use Gmail, it’s the same login)
  • Can easily duplicate a template once you’ve made it, to make a lot of printables in a short amount of time
  • Quick
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Great color tools menu (can use whatever color you like!)
  • Can do much the same things that you can do in Microsoft Excel

Cons of Google Sheets

  • Similar tools to Microsoft Excel but Google Sheets’ menu is a bit clunky to use with many sub-menu’s
  • The tools menu is compressed and there are less images – I find it takes longer to find the tool I’m looking for
  • Takes longer to draw / add shapes than in Excel
  • Difficult to make your printables look unique
  • My favorite keyboard shortcuts CTRL and + which I use to zoom in and out in MIcrosoft Excel, doesn’t work in Google Sheets

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