Why use Affinity Publisher

Why Use Affinity Publisher

  • Each file can have multiple pages in the same file - ideal if you want to make a dated planner, 2 page spread, for copying and pasting templates and making minor changes
  • Quick to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Has a layers menu like in Photoshop (and you can group layers together)
  • Plenty of customisation options
  • Can use custom fonts
  • Cheap software
  • One time purchase, not a subscription
  • Can copy and paste elements between different files in Affinity Publisher, as well as other programs in the Affinity Design suite e.g. Affinity Photo
  • Pre-set page sizes and you can choose custom page sizes
  • Can use custom colors
  • Can color match another color you've already used, or from a photo
  • Can change the opacity of colors
  • Can set up a print bleed
  • Quickly duplicate an entire page in the design (and keep it within the same design file)
  • Color swatches menu so you can save your favorite colors, or keep the colors you regularly use in one convenient location
  • Can use tables to quickly create many different types of printables
  • Can add images if you want to decorate your planner with graphics
  • Can make a printable in under 5 minutes
  • Warnings appear to alert you to possible errors in your document e.g. text outside the bleed lines and overflowing text
  • View > show grid to help you align things, in addition to the alignment tools
  • Can export in multiple file formats including PDF, PNG and JPG
  • Can export individual pages, a group of selected pages within a document, or an entire document at once
  • Clear images and graphics after exporting for print

It only costs $84.99 AUD and is a one time purchase, not a subscription like Adobe Products. I have seen it on sale multiple times for 50% off. I purchased my copy during Black Friday Sales for 50% off.

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