Sample Video: How to make header stickers

Header stickers can be any size you like. They used to be 'known' to be the size of the three boxes in the Erin Condren Life Planner that used to say morning. day and night.

  • The finished stickers for the Erin Condren = 0.25" high x 1.5" wide (this is the dimensions of your cut layer)
  • Therefore, you would make the sticker template in Silhouette Studio at 0.3" high x 1.55" wide.

See the resources section of this ecourse for phrases / titles you can use for header stickers if you need some ideas. Also see the photos in this ecourse with the marked up dimensions for various planners if you want to make header stickers for another planner.

For the Happy Planner classic page size, the colored strips (header) section between each box is only 2mm high so there is no 'set' height to make them. I use:

  • Cut line = 0.25" high x 1.5" wide (the columns in the vertical happy planner classic page size ae 1.5" wide)
  • Sticker template = 0.3" high x 1.55" wide

Try not to make your font so big that it sits close to the cut line as part of the label may get chopped off if the blade slips.

There have been numerous versions of the Silhouette Studio software. I prefer version Version 3.8 which can be downloaded here.

The dimensions of the stickers, tips for choosing colors and written step by step instructions are in this post from my blog.

Silhouette version 4 tutorial:

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