Introduction to Silhouette Studio (video tutorial)

if you haven't already downloaded Silhouette Studio (it's free!), click here.

UPDATE: If you have a later version of Silhouette Studio (screenshots below are from version 4.4.464, you can find the page setup menu via the top button (that looks like a page) from the top of the right page:

You can set up the registration marks for cutting in this menu as well. I just choose the default.

In the right menu you can also find:

  • Color tool (paint pallette icon)
  • Text style (A icon)
  • Align tool (underneath the A icon)
  • Replicate menu (underneath the align tool)
  • Offset (star icon) - note, this menu will only be clickable when you click on something e.g. a shape

Left menu

  • Line tool
  • The shapes menu is now a pop-out menu. If you hover over the rectangle shape another menu will appear which has rounded rectangle, oval and polygon (which you can use to make triangles, hexagons etc.)
  • Text - after typing your text if you go to the right menu and click on the text style menu you'll be able to edit the text you've written
  • Eraser icon

There are other tools in both of those menus but the ones I have listed above are the main ones we'll use in this course.

Once you've created a shape or text, you can change the colors via the first 2 buttons in the top menu (fill color and border color). If you don't want to make 2 color tone text e.g. light purple fill with dark purple border, then make sure you turn the outline off as it seems to default to red and your machine may think this is a cut line if you have chosen red for your cut lines.

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