Grow Your Etsy Business Bundle

Ebook filled with mistakes Etsy Sellers make plus a personalised shop critique!

Are you:

- Struggling to make sales?
- Aren't getting many shop views?
- Want to grow your income?

Then this bundle is for you! It includes my 219 page ebook with 54 Mistakes Etsy Sellers Make (and How to Fix Them) PLUS a Personalised Etsy Shop Critique.

Hey there! I'm Rachael, a 20 something Aussie addicted to graphic design and planners.

Why should you trust me?

- I've been an Etsy seller for 4 years

- I have over 13,000 Etsy sales in my Etsy shop, AllAboutTheHouse and almost 2,000 in my second Etsy Shop, PaperCravings

- I also have my own online store and a blog

- I am passionate about helping people improve their businesses

Course Curriculum

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- Ways you don’t even realize you’re turning customers away
- Fostering repeat business
- Competitor market research
- My step by step market research product viability process I use to determine whether a product is worthwhile or if it's likely to be a flop
- SEO, social media & marketing you shop (what to do and what NOT to do)
- In-depth shop analytics analysis
- Simple changes and tweaks that make a big difference
- How to find your target customers
- How to make more money from the products you already have (and with minimal effort)
- Pricing
- Shipping
- Shop management
- Improving efficiency and workflow
- Product photos (mistakes that are so easy to fix and yet most people don’t do them)
- Product descriptions/sales copy
- How to convert browsers into buyers
- Bookkeeping
- Goal setting & business planning
- Key differences between hobby Etsy shops and business Etsy shops
- And much more top secret information!!

Also included are my favorite resources I’ve used to grow my Etsy shop, and which you can use to help turn your shop into a thriving business :)

Most ebooks will tell you what to do, but not HOW to do it. This ebook is different. I share all of the strategies I’ve devised from my 4 years of selling on Etsy. You know how to set up an Etsy shop, let’s move past the introductory stuff and get into the real strategies. This ebook does NOT have regurgitated information; these are my own personally devised methods, my tried and true formulas for generating a consistent healthy income online from my Etsy shops.


- Newbie and experienced Etsy sellers (yes, there are mistakes in this book that even experienced Etsy sellers make!), in ANY niche - the mistakes in this ebook are made by digital physical product sellers, handmade Etsy shop owners, and those that sell supplies

- If you want to stop wasting time on, quite frankly, crappy, regurgitated, basic advice and want quality tried and tested strategies I’ve personally developed and which ACTUALLY WORK

- This ebook is full of actionable content. I give TONS of examples and step out exactly what you need to do (and what not to do)

- This is a super comprehensive ebook - 215 pages (63,500 words of insanely useful advice). It includes a clickable table of contents for quick and easy navigation. The information is set out in an easy to digest format with the mistakes in suggested numerical order (although you can complete them in any order depending on what stage of your business you're at or if you want to start with your problem areas first).

The personalised Etsy Shop Criqitue includes helpful advice, tips, feedback and constructive criticism on how you can improve your Etsy shop (you can sell any products - digital or physical)

Things I will review:
- Product descriptions
- Product titles
- Product images
- Shop announcement
- Store policies
- About page
- Branding
- SEO & keywords

I'll also tell you what aspects of your shop are already good and don't need to be changed :)

I will review your shop and give you a minimum 1 page of QUALITY feedback and ideas for improving your shop that are SPECIFIC to your shop. If you have any problem areas you would like specific advice in, just email me via [email protected] and let me know :)

You choose when you would like me to review your Etsy shop. So if you want to read the ebook first and implement the strategies you can. Or if you want me to review your Etsy shop first so you know what you should focus on improving first, you can.

Reviews will be completed within 1 week of your emailing me with your request to say that you're ready for the critique :)

Learn from someone that actually practices what they preach and actually has a business that’s made more than a couple of hundred sales (I’m not one of those people whose business is selling you an ebook about running a business because we both know those types of books are just regurgitated useless or state-the-obvious information that will get you nowhere).

I could have packaged this up into an ecourse and charged a couple of hundred dollars for it, but I wanted it to be affordable. Opening an etsy shop was one of the best decisions of my life – it’s so much fun and I get to meet customers from all over the world!

If you know you deserve a better return for the time invested in your business, and you know you should be further along on your business by now. If you’re serious about turning your Etsy shop into a thriving business, this book and shop critique will give you the tools you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to download the ebook?
You can download it as many times as you need - you'll get lifetime access :)
How long will I have to access to the personalised shop critique?
As long as you need. You may decide to go through the ebook first, make updates to your shop then 'cash in' your shop critique. Or you may want to 'cash in' the shop critique first, so you know which mistakes from the book you should work on fixing first.
What is your refund policy?
Unfortunately due to the digital nature of the ecourse, NO REFUNDS will be given under any circumstances - serious buyers only please. If you have any questions please contact me via [email protected] BEFORE purchasing and I will get back to you A.S.A.P (I usually reply to emails within 24hrs - note that I am located in Australia - when it is 10am in L.A. it is 3am here!)

You'll receive instant access to the ebook so you can get stuck in straight away! You choose whnen you would like me to critiue your shop (I will do so within 1 week of your request).

Also included is a 20% off coupon if you'd like to purchase any products from my shop to help organize your business!

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